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Mark Golob has built a top career in the health & fitness and entertainment industry. Mark Golob is a retired entrepreneur.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About Mark Golob

Mark Golob is a Health and fitness expert and a prominent marketer who has promoted bands like Madonna in concert, Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen. He laid the foundation of the health club, The Bodyworks Health and Fitness Center in Miami, in 1976.
Mark Golob promoted the celebrity Jane Fonda in 1981. Freedance, an aerobic workout was also created by Golob which was taught at over 200 health clubs across the country. It included a workout video featuting Marine Jahan. Marine Jahan also gave hit movies like flashdance. Freedance also received a place in Billboard magazine’s top 10 lists and the video was voted video of the year by Shape magazine.
Golob worked with numerous celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Mike Tyson and Arnold Schwarzenegger and prepare promotional campaign strategies. The CEO of 24 Hour Fitness, Mark Mastrov hired Mark Golob as vice president of marketing in 1991. In 1992, Mark Golob became the CEO of Linda Evans Fitness Centers and Women's workout and weight loss centers. Golob’s company Butterfly Life Fitness Inc. - a women’s fitness franchise - was sold to Diversified Health. Diversified Health & Fitness, Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Mark Golob is now retired and spends his time with his family in Northern California.

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  1. hopefully mark golob stays retired... less chance of anyone getting taken to the cleaners